Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

If you follow my on YouTube, you have probably heard me talk about this new deodorant quite a bit! I have tried so many natural deodorants, it is kind of insane. Some of them don't work longer than one hour, and some work on me for a month or so and then stop working. This is the first one that lasts me all day long, through heat, through work-outs, basically through it all! It comes in a glass jar with a mini spatula to help you scoop out a bit. When you rub it underneath your arms, it really melts into the skin like butter.

These retail for $9 and I HIGHLY suggest you check them out!

I had the privilege of asking Jamie, the owner of Schmidt's, a little more about the company and what it is all about. Make sure to read it all below!


-Why deodorant?-

It’s personal, it’s functional, and, for most people, it’s necessary. There’s a lot of brand loyalty with deodorant--when you find one that works, you usually stick with it. The problem with traditional deodorants though is they often leave you sticky or greasy, and you might have to put them on three times a day. It’s really awkward if you think about it, not to mention all the chemicals and filler thrown in there. With Schmidt’s, you get a much more holistic and natural approach, and all the varieties of scents to suit your mood. Researching and testing fragrances is really enjoyable to me as well. I’m a bit of an aromaphile, studying perfumery and the benefits and properties of various scents.

-What inspired you to get into the natural beauty industry?-

Growing up, I always stayed on top of the trendiest beauty products. In my adult years, my preferences changed to cleaner, more natural products. I also began to recognize opportunity where big brands were falling short. Specifically, I was exhausted from my search for a natural deodorant that performed to my expectations--this was a long-time challenge for me. Then, when I knew I had perfected this formula, and customers began e-mailing us daily to thank us for changing the way they think about deodorant, everything coalesced. Our customers are extremely passionate, those testimonials are where our slogan comes from: “Changing the way you think about deodorant.”

-How did you cook up the perfect deodorant formula?-

Our formula was fine-tuned over the years through research, trial, some disheartening error, and encouraging feedback from our amazing customers. It’s important that we source the absolute purest and nourishing ingredients including the shea and cocoa butters, vitamin E, hops extract, & essential oils. Everything going into the product has to be A+ quality, otherwise it doesn’t make the cut. Choosing body care products made entirely from pure, natural ingredients is so critical because the skin is our body’s largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it.

-What's your favorite Schmidt Deodorant scent?-

This changes in tune with my mood, the season, and even the day’s outfit. I have all 5 varieties sitting on my bathroom counter. As the weather warms up, I’ve been reaching more for the Bergamot + Lime. It’s such a bright, fun scent. I personally developed each of the fragrance blends and genuinely love them all!