Food Ideas for Toddlers

Some of the most asked questions I get are about what I feed the girls. I often feel like I run out of things to feed them or feel like I'm giving them the same thing all the time. So I sat down one day and wrote down everything I give to the girls for both snacks and meals. It made me realize they actually do get quite a lot of different things! So today I am sharing some of my go-to meals and some easy and convenient snacks. I also just bought ingredients to make homemade fruit snacks so if they turn out okay, I'll share that with you! 

(I try to buy all organic for them!)


scrabbled eggs with cheese

fruit: strawberries/bananas/kiwi/raspberries/blueberries/pears/pineapple


gluten free pancakes from Trader Joes

fruit/veggie pouch

Lunch + Dinner:

sweet potatoes (I bake them at 450 degrees until fully cooked and then take the skin off. Once cooled, I cut into cubes and keep them in tupperware for a few days in the fridge.)

black beans + corn + cheese + rice or quinoa (Little bowls of random ingredients is usually what they get!)

ham/turkey/chicken (They aren't huge on meat.)

pasta (I buy the organic pasta shells or gluten free mac n cheese at Trader Joes. I also like making lentil pasta for added protein.)


pb+j (Every now and then they'll eat this, not often though.)

beets (They aren't too big on these yet.)


fruit/veggie pouches (They would eat 4 at one time if I let them!)


string cheese

soft breakfast bars

fruit snacks (I like Annie's and Plum Organics.)


pea crisps

(please notice pouch explosion on the right!)

Somedays the girls eat a ton, like non-stop (usually during growth spurts). Other days they are completely uninterested in eating. Teething definitely affects their appetite. Lately they have been teething so bad and they really aren't in the mood to eat much. But sometimes I feel like I can't put food on their plates fast enough! It really just depends!

I just started to put their food on actual plates. Not always, but I am trying to get them used to eating with a fork and plate. They really love when I give them a fork to use. It's crazy that they just know what to do with it. I kinda showed them how to use it but I really think they just learned from watching us.

For water bottles I like THESE from Skip Hop and also THESE from Contigo. 

I am pretty sure I started introducing solids around 4/5 months (meaning pureed foods). To be honest, that first year is all a blur. Someone asked me the other day how old they were when they first crawled and I had no idea! When I introduced little pieces of foods I started with mushed up bananas and then just tried new things every now and then. One sign which led me to start trying some food other than pureed stuff was that they always wanted a bite of whatever we were eating. So just try to notice if your kids are really interested in food all of a sudden. Trust your intuition is what I always believe!

Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments down below! ALSO I would love to hear some of your go-to meal and snacks for your kids!