I'm Pregnant with Baby #3!


The day is finally here!!! Well I am posting this before the end of my first trimester, but I can’t wait any longer because I’ve felt so crummy the past few weeks. It is getting so hard to pretend like I feel normal when filming videos so I just couldn’t wait any longer. SO, I am 9 weeks pregnant and this time there is only one baby! I already had my first doctors appointment and my palms were so sweaty as I was waiting for the doctor to tell me how many babies there were! I sighed with relief when he said just one. A part of me thought I’d have twins again, but deep down I felt it was one. You can watch today’s video sharing weeks 1-5 with you.


So I started to feel sick just before I hit 7 weeks. I also was super tired and kinda felt like I had a cold. That has pretty much continued up until now. But now I just feel more sick. I usually wake up feeling groggy and almost hungover. Then I feel decent once I get some food in my body. Lately I’ve been having 2 eggs over easy with cheese, avocado and sometimes toast. If I feel extra sick in the morning I just eat a plain gluten free pancake. I also try to drink a ton of water. Earlier on I was craving so much fast food it was bizarre. I usually hate fast food! But any type of take-out food sounds good to me. Cooking is the last thing I want to do. During the first few weeks I was all about sugar, now I’m all about salty. A few things I’ve been craving are: chick-fil-a, soup, fries, asian salad (I know odd), breakfast burritos, mexican food and fruit.

I usually have a bad taste in my mouth all day long, and it just gets worse during the middle of the day and peaks before bed. I do feel a little better after I eat though. So I’ve been trying to eat something bland like rice before bed. I haven’t thrown up yet, but last night I felt close to it. It’s just hard to be productive. I usually am so motivated to get everything done and now I just want to lie on the couch and watch tv. I haven’t worked out at all either. Just a few walks but that’s it.

I also get emotional at random times. I bawled my eyes out watching the sex and city movie which was so odd. And during tv shows I’ll start crying, like cooking shows!

Our house has been a total mess these last few weeks. Cleaning is the last thing I want to do. And when you aren’t slowly picking up after two toddlers throughout the day, your home will be a disaster by the end of the day. It’s definitely been hard with two kids this time around. Before I could just nap whenever I wanted but I can’t do that now! Luckily I’m not as tired this time, it’s more of that constant crummy feeling.

I’m hoping to start feeling better in a few weeks. I’ve heard 9 weeks is the peak of sickness, but with the twins I was sick until 20 weeks. Since I’m pregnant with just one though, I’m not thinking it should last as long, but who knows!


I’m so excited to go through this all over again. It feels like I was just pregnant even though it’s been two years! I can’t wait to see June and Violet with a little baby, I know they will be the sweetest big sisters. Thank you all for the continued support and sorry for being soooo MIA lately! At least now I don’t have to pretend like I feel normal! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll be keeping you posted!


Photos are by @a.journey.photo on instagram!