LIFE LATELY: March 2018

I hope you all had a great week. I am going to start doing little updates here are there about what's going on in my life. From things the girls are loving, to what tv shows I'm watching, I'll share what's new!


TV Shows:

I have to start here because Andrew and I are obsessed with Suits right now. We just started season 5 and it is SO GOOD. I don't know why we didn't start watching sooner. I think I had a different idea of what the show was like. It's kinda hard to find shows both Andrew and I like. Suits is great because the story line always keeps you on your toes and you honestly learn a lot about the world of lawyers. But I'm sure it's totally dramatized. Even still, I honestly wake up in the morning looking forward to watching it at night! And the main guy Harvey is my biggest crush! I swear he makes the show. It's also neat watching Meghan Markle, now that she will soon be married into the royal family. She's stunning and I really like her.

And how sad is everyone that Fixer Upper is almost over?? I'm so in love with Magnolia Table. That last episode was so good. Their family is such a breath of fresh air and I'll really miss watching them on TV. But I totally understand why they'd want to stop filming. At least they have so many other projects going on so I can still get inspiration from JoJo! And can we talk about their home garden?! The garden 'shed' is so magical and dreamy. Everything she touches is perfect I swear.


I have been so into podcasts lately. I used to listen to them when I'd drive to LA a lot. Now I listen to them while driving, putting away laundry or getting ready. There have only been two that I listen to: The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe. Both are by Chalene Johnson and I could listen to her talk all day long. Build Your Tribe is all about building your business. She gives such great advice on so many aspects of owning a small business. One I just listened to was the top ten things people like and dislike about your Instagram Stories. It's really informative and insightful. The Chalene Show is all about self development. If you like learning ways to understand and better yourself then this podcast is for you. She recently did a series on de-cluttering and it really motivated me to go through my stuff once again. I love listening to different people's perspectives on organization and de-cluttering because I always take away something new. Highly recommend! So motivating!

I may even do a few videos sharing my thoughts on the topic. To me, keeping an organized home is crucial to your success in everything! I'm not fully where I want to be in terms of de-cluttering our house. And the reason I know that, is because I still feel a little bit heavy. Whenever I get rid of stuff it's like a weight has been lifted off me. But I know myself and I know that there is still a lot I can get rid of. I originally started de-cluttering again because I felt like I was always cleaning. After listening to Chalene's podcast, I learned a lot of great habits I need to develop so I'm not always having to do a deep clean. They are simple things I can do to maintain a clean home. I can talk more about that in a video!


I just finished my 30 days of Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. She did a series called True and it was awesome. I've been waking up at 5:40 for a few months now and I can't believe how much it's changed my days for the better. Getting up before the girls allows me to get a little done before the chaos begins. I can do yoga and clear my head, make coffee and have their bottles all ready. (They've been getting up around 6:30/7 these days). For my runs I've been going about 3 times a week. I go around 9:00 once the girls get a little cranky. We run a little over 2 miles and it is bliss. How odd to say running is bliss?? I used to hate running but I love how I feel after. I'm in such a better mood, my stomach has tightened up so much and it's refreshing to stick my headphones in for 30 minutes and just be in my own world (without Moana or Little Baby Bum playing!).

June and Violet:

They have been in a really needy stage lately. A lot of it is because there is two of them. I really don't think they'd cry as much if it was just one. Most of the time they are crying because they don't want me to be holding the other or they want the same toy etc. So that's been pretty challenging. On the flip side, since they are so clingy I've been getting the best cuddles ever. Tonight before the girls went to sleep, we laid on the ground and watched Tangled (pretty much the whole movie!). They just had their bottles so they were happy, and they were all over me but not fighting with each other. Just laying their whole body on me or their head on my chest. I'm not an emotional person, but I actually teared up for a little bit because I just felt so fortunate to have these two beautiful babies. I feel like they are growing up so fast and I'm trying to really soak this stage in.

They are still loving Moana, but recently have been obsessed with Tangled and I'm totally okay with it! You can only listen to 'You're Welcome' for so long! It's so cute, they think Rapunzel's name is Tangled so whenever she's on the screen June yells 'Cangled! Cangled!'. They also love bubbles right now. I bought this bubble machine at Buy Buy Baby the other day and luckily it's been a hit. I set it on our lawn with a few chairs around it (I found them these tiny lounge chairs that are so cute) and we all just sit and watch the bubbles. June usually has to be climbing on her chair or my chair, but Violet will literally just sit there and watch. Violet is so content outside, it's the cutest thing. She is totally in her element when sitting in the dirt playing with rocks. I gave them this huge bucket tonight and they spent a solid 30 minutes throwing rocks in it. 

I am loving the age they are at right now. They are just so funny and love to make you laugh. Two little entertainers! They mimic everything we say and hearing them talk is the cutest thing I've ever witnessed. It's pretty amazing to see them soak in the world. Their eyes light up when they do something novel like stacking blocks, spinning around, or climbing up some stairs. That sparkle in their eyes is pretty special.


That's a little glimpse into life over here lately. I hope you all have a great weekend!