Master Bathroom Renovation Progress

Let's talk about our master bath renovation! Our plan for the space was to raise the ceiling height and basically gut everything in it. Our bedroom had this odd shelf above our closet. Our dining area had the same thing and we sealed it off when we renovated our guest bath. That allowed us to raise the guest bath ceiling. If you want to see that post click HERE. If the ceiling wasn't an issue this would be a much easier process!

Andrew did all of our demo work. His dad and brother helped him with some areas, but for the most part he did it by himself! I was pretty impressed! For all the other work we hire out. Since we have remodeled our kitchen and guest bath, we have met some really talented people along the way. Usually when you find someone you really like for example, someone who does woodwork, they can help you find people to do other jobs that they know. This has been super helpful for us. We've always had much better luck through recommendations over a generic google search.

Here is the after shot with the wall evened out. We still have to paint it, but the texture matches our paint pretty well. It's crazy to me how this makes our room look so much larger. I'm not too sure why the builders didn't do this in the first place. I'm thinking it was an 80's style thing back then. We are going to be doing a sliding barn door where you see those two hooks on the wall. That's where our mirror was hanging before. We took out the door which separated the toilet and shower to open the room up. Having a barn door will give the room some privacy and save us a lot of space.

Below is a before shot of our bathroom looking straight on. You can see how the room was divided with that door. It really bugged us because it felt so cramped when taking a shower and got really muggy in their. 

Here you can see what it looked like during demo. Taking out that wall let in so much more light since that window was always blocked off.  To me it looks a lot wider now which I love!

Below is after most of the dry wall was installed. We have to wait on the upper right to be finished due to our vent. This week they are installing the shower hardware and getting the base of the shower prepped to be tiled. I'm so excited to just have a normal tiled shower instead of what we had before. It had built in seats and shelves and took up so much space. I really think it will look much larger and brighter once it's done. We also are gaining a couple inches in width which will be amazing.

On the far right you can see the cubby is framed out. We are going to be putting two shelves in there to hold all of our products. Correction, all of my products and Andrew's 2 products. Let's hope it's big enough! I literally just text Andrew questioning if it's big enough and he responded...'what happened to minimalism?!?!' LOL.

Here is a sneak peek at our hardware. I went with chrome finishes with a vintage design. I love the timeless feel and how it ties in with the rest of our home. All of our hardware is from the Patience Collection by American Standard and can be found HERE.

I'm getting really excited for everything to start coming together. This week the vanity and medicine cabinets are coming. I just ordered the floor tile, so that should be here pretty soon too. We are hoping to get the shower tile done next week and then we will paint the walls. I still can't decide what to paint it. I may get a few samples to see how they look. At first I was leaning towards a dark charcoal, but we ended up going with a darker wood vanity (white marble top), so now I think the walls need to be a little lighter. Our floor tile is what I'm really excited about. It has an antique look to it with cream and blue accents. If any of you have paint recommendations send them my way! I'm thinking a greige color more on the warm side. I'll leave a few pictures below that I used as bathroom inspiration too! The best part about this reno, is that it's our last big project in this house. It will be so nice to have everything completed! Not that any house is every truly finished! But this was the last major thing on our list!