Self Care Tips: Wellness, Fitness, Diet

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy. All opinions are my own.

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share some thoughts on personal wellness. No matter how busy our lives get, I think it's so important to squeeze in a little me-time every now and then. I've always been a believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I think that fitness, self-care and diet all go hand-in-hand. Treat your body well and you'll reap the benefits in so many ways.

For today's post I am partnering up with Massage Envy. What I love about their company is that they are all about helping you feel your best. The membership makes it so easy to fit in a massage, assisted stretching and skin care into your schedule. Something else I appreciate about Massage Envy, is how they are all about maintenance. In a way that is time efficient, yet completely relaxing at the same time. When I had my massage, it was the most pampering hour, yet I didn't have to spend all day there like you tend to do when getting a massage at a spa. It was just what my body needed, and I could get back to my girls pretty quick.

Every treatment is tailored to what you are wanting. For my last massage I wanted my therapist to focus on my shoulders and neck because that is where I hold most of my tension. Your whole hour is customizable to whatever your body needs. I love that because some of my past massages I've had at spas, only spend a little bit of time on each area. I'd much rather have one area really worked out well, like my upper back.

I've always been a 'massage person', meaning if I had to pick between a massage or facial, I'm going massage. But last month, I had their Microderm Infusion Facial, which was AMAZING. Highly recommend. I have always been religious with my skin care yet never get any treatments done to my skin. As I am starting to see more fine lines coming in, I'm thinking it's time I start getting a facial treatment on a regular basis. What I loved about the Microderm Infusion was how it made my skin glow afterwards. It's a physical exfoliant that takes all the dead skin off, sending a signal to your skin that it needs to regenerate itself. The treatment was much more deep than I'd get at home and I could totally see a difference in my skin. I'm craving another one now! (I also love how it feels!)

So, when you look back on the last few months, did you set aside some time for you? Just an hour a month to bring you some peace and relaxation. Honestly, last month before my massage I was having a really stressful morning. I kept thinking, gosh I wish I was doing my massage on a different day because I have so much to do. But as I got to Massage Envy, I changed my mindset and realized how necessary a little time away was. I blocked everything out and enjoyed the massage. And I left in a much better mood and felt more productive that day because of it!

Now let's talk about fitness! Now that I am a year and half post partum, I'm stepping up my fitness game! After I started running and doing yoga on a regular basis starting back in January, I noticed a huge difference in my body. My main area of concern was the loose skin around my belly button. I knew that I had to start doing cardio to shrink that skin. And let me tell you what a difference it made!! I also love my morning yoga. I wake up an hour before the girls and get my mind in a good state to start my day off right. I get some peace and quiet while toning my whole body. I always notice that my arms look so much better when I do yoga on a regular basis. 

Now what I am trying to do is build more muscle. So when the girls are down for their nap I like to head outside and get in 20-30 minutes of light weights. I try to focus on either arms or legs and do a series of workouts. I usually do this on the days I don't run. It feels so good to some muscle back. I feel stronger and way more confident. It's amazing what a little workout can do for you. My mood improves, I have more energy (YES more energy after working out!), my skin clears up, I eat better and I am more productive. And you will never regret a workout!

Last but not least is diet! I have never gone on an actual diet or been one to count calories. I base everything on how I feel and how my body looks. I rarely weight myself either. I think it is super important to be aware of everything you are eating. Look at the back of packages. If the ingredient list is a huge paragraph it's probably not the best for you. Knowledge is power, and knowing what you are putting in your body is huge. I try to only eat when I'm hungry and know when to stop. If I'm full, I stop eating. But I also will eat something that isn't the healthiest if I really want it. Since I make healthy choices most of the time, it's not the end of the world if I splurge a little. But if I do, I only have a little bit, I won't eat an entire tub of ice cream ever. And say I want dessert, I will get a really good dessert! Not some low fat, no sugar garbage. I never buy anything labeled 'diet', 'low fat', 'fat free', I'm all about eating the full fat items because you don't need as much and it's just better for your body. Your body needs fat. Healthy fat! It's great for your hair, skin and brain. It's all about balance in my eyes. You are what you eat. You feel better when you eat better. And that feeling is what I crave!

So if you are a new mom or just super busy (which I think we all are!), don't forget about taking care of yourself. I'm a better mom when I really take care my mind and body. If you guys are interested in finding a Massage Envy near you, you can head HERE! Don't underestimate the power of a 60-minute massage or facial session! Talk about a re-boot! 

Thank you guys for reading! I love you and appreciate you all so much. I'd love to know in the comments an area you need to work on. Whether that is your fitness, your diet, or maybe paying more attention to your sore muscles. Let me know which area you think needs a little more love. I challenge you to focus on that this next month. See how it makes you feel! 

Talk to you soon!