Rainbow Rangers

Hey guys! If you have little ones, then you are probably up-to-date on the newest children’s shows. I have to let you know about my favorite new children’s show called Rainbow Rangers airing on Nick Jr. weekdays at 3pm/2pm Central! It’s an adorable, colorful show centered around 7 girls each with their own super power. I love that they aren’t fairies or princesses – they are superheroes responsible for saving the earth. In the show, they are called “Earth’s first responders”! These seven superheroes work together as a team to help solve Earth’s environmental problems. I love how each character is completely unique and brings her own special talent to the group. The show really celebrates being an individual and embracing one’s own gifts. When I first heard about Rainbow Rangers, I knew my girls would love it. So to get them excited, we colored each character and watched the theme song (a million times – it’s so catchy!).

Then once they woke up from their nap, we all sat down and watched the premiere! When I started to play it, the girls kept yelling, “Rangers, Rangers!”.


And what’s more fun than rainbow balloons? I love how Nick Jr. starts out each show with a few things that your kids can take away while watching. Rainbow Rangers educates little ones on the environment, promotes diversity and provokes curiosity about the world.


I’ve learned since having twins that this is super important. One of my favorite things about watching our girls grow up, is seeing how different their personalities are, yet how well they compliment each other. Violet tends to take the lead when we are in public while June holds back a little. Violet is more on the serious side and June always keeps things silly. And  Violet is ALWAYS looking out for June whether it’s needing her to be near her at all times or making sure she gets a snack too. 

I never try to label them as “the twins” because they are so incredibly different and I know how important it is to recognize that as they grow up.

Check out Rainbow Rangers on Nick Jr. and let me know how your little ones like it!

This is a paid partnership with Rainbow Rangers.